Autel MaxiSys MS909 Automotive Scan Tool, Intelligent Diagnostics Same as ultra June 13, 2022

Autel MaxiSys MS909 Automotive Scan Tool, Intelligent Diagnostics Same as ultra
Autel MaxiSys MS909 Automotive Scan Tool, Intelligent Diagnostics Same as ultra
Autel MaxiSys MS909 Automotive Scan Tool, Intelligent Diagnostics Same as ultra
Autel MaxiSys MS909 Automotive Scan Tool, Intelligent Diagnostics Same as ultra
Autel MaxiSys MS909 Automotive Scan Tool, Intelligent Diagnostics Same as ultra
Autel MaxiSys MS909 Automotive Scan Tool, Intelligent Diagnostics Same as ultra
Autel MaxiSys MS909 Automotive Scan Tool, Intelligent Diagnostics Same as ultra
Autel MaxiSys MS909 Automotive Scan Tool, Intelligent Diagnostics Same as ultra
Autel MaxiSys MS909 Automotive Scan Tool, Intelligent Diagnostics Same as ultra
Autel MaxiSys MS909 Automotive Scan Tool, Intelligent Diagnostics Same as ultra
Autel MaxiSys MS909 Automotive Scan Tool, Intelligent Diagnostics Same as ultra

Autel MaxiSys MS909 Automotive Scan Tool, Intelligent Diagnostics Same as ultra
Autel MaxiSys MS909 Brief Introductions. 2022 Newest, Autel MS909 Intelligent Diagnostics? Autel MaxiSys MS909 Upgrade of Autel Maxisys Elite / MK908P/MS908S Pro, MS909 scanner for car gives you one-stop intelligent diagnostics that is designed for high-end Autel scanner. MaxiSys scan tool provides step-by-step instructions and comprehensive solutions including topology, TSB, DTC analysis, repair assist, repair tips, how-to videos, etc. Which makes you exert diagnostics like a master. Autel Maxisy MS909 ECU Programming? Autel MS909 automotive tool, a professional Autel scanner, scans all systems and holds powerful functions. ECU programming can customize car settings, enhance vehicle performance, reprogram the new ECU, etc. J2534 ECU programming of car scanner is designed for BMW and Benz to handle complex vehicle issues such as fuel efficiency, power loss, fault codes, and durability of mechanical parts, etc. 36+ Functions & Bi-Directional Control? MS909 scan tool also features 36 service functions: Oil Reset, Injector Coding, EPB, TPMS, BMS, ABS Bleeding, DPF, IMMO Keys, SAS, Suspension, Throttle, etc. And runs bi-directional test (active test) to check the functionality of systems and components, helping your win more business. 99% Wide Coverage on the Market? In addition to the D-PDU/SAE J2534/RP1210 diagnostic protocols, this OBD2 intelligent diagnostic tool MaxiSys Ultra also supports the DoIP and CAN FD protocols for more new vehicle models, covering 99% of vehicles on the market, including supercars. Autel MS909 tool is configured with a 9.7” touch screen, ? Android 7.0 OS, ? Octa-core processor(2.3GHz+1.7GHz), ? 15000mAH 3.8V lithium polymer battery(For 8 hours continuous use), and? 128GB memory, which improve the diagnostic efficiency. Upgrade version of Autel MK908, MS908S Pro. And Elite, MS909 car scan tool smooths the diagnostic process. The MS909 diagnostic scanner is supported by Autel technical teams to provide premium products and services. Data logging allows you direct access to Autel support to troubleshoot diagnostic errors, ?? We offer 1-year free software updating, ?? And 247 after-sale service. Feel Free to bring the MS909 programming tool back home. Autel MaxiSys MS909- Automotive Diagnostic & Maintenance Solutions (English Only). As an upgraded version of the Autel diagnostic scan tool MS908S and MaxiSys Elite, MS909 upgrades the processor frequency from 1.3GHz+1.7GHz to 2.3GHz + 1.76Ghz, extends the memory from 64GB to 128GB, improves the camera pixel from 8MP to 16MP rear and 5MP front, applies upgraded 7.0 Android operating system. Besides, Autel scanner MS909 adds an amount of fantastic and advanced functions such as Topology Mapping and Intelligent Diagnostics Functions such as Repair Assist, DTC Analysis, Repair Tips, Component Measurement and Relevant Cases to offer more brilliant maintenance, diagnostic and repair assistance for every mechanics and technicians. Advanced Diagnostic Features: The Autel scanner MaxiSys MS909 equips multiple diagnostic functions such as Topology Mapping, Intelligent Diagnostics Functions, 36+ Special Functions oil reset, brake reset, SAS reset, etc. , Whole-System Diagnostics for 80 vehicle brands, Online Coding for BMW, Audi, VW, etc. Personalization for Nissan, Peugeot, Citroen, etc. Online Programming to update existing software, Active Tests for deeper diagnostics. Worldwide Vehicle Coverage: More than 80 manufacturers, 140 brands worldwide are supported. Each diagnostic function has been tailored according to the vehicle model so that you can face the automotive market demand with ease. Compatibility: it supplied with MaxiFlash VCI with Enhanced Protocol Compatibility, which supports D-PDU, RP1210, CANFD. J2534 and DoIP protocols. If you’re confused about the scanner compatibility, please message us. Good Use Experience: 10 inch TFT-LCD touchscreen for swift diagnosis and optimum viewing. The touchscreen is resistant to dirt and oil and the hard rubber surface is treated with high-quality carbon fiber, making the surface texture more refined. User-Friendly Software Design to Facilitate Repairs: Automatic system and software updates with real-time push message notifications via the internet. Interactive Data Logging sessions enable direct contact with Autel Support for first-hand troubleshooting of diagnostic bugs and errors. One-stop multitasking designed for ideal management of workshop operations to keep all data files, customer info, and vehicle record well organize. Cloud-based Data Manager saves customer and vehicle records, scanner data, and technician notes. Auto Scan for Full System Diagnostics. The Auto Scan function performs a comprehensive scanning of all the systems in the vehicles. The systems include but are not limited to ECM, PCM, TCM, ABS, RCM, IPC, ACM, AHCM, APIM, BCMii, DDM, FCDIM, FCDIM, FCIM, FDSM, GPSM, HCM, HVAC, IPM-A, etc. And it displays according to specific vehicle brands and models. Topology Mapping Makes the Diagnostic Results More Readable &Comprehensive. The systems diagnostics result scanned by the scanner will be displayed in topology module mapping, which shows a system distribution diagram of the vehicle control modules and the relationship between vehicle systems. You can enter any specific system to see more detailed diagnostic information. On the Topology screen, a system with identified faults will display in orange, making the diagnosis results are clear at a glance, which is convenient for mechanics to perform systematic and comprehensive diagnostics and analysis. Intelligent Diagnostics – Your Specialist Diagnostic Helper. The Intelligent Diagnostic Functions integrated on Autel scan tool MS909 provide every professional mechanic with massive and substantial information of faults detected and offer you exhaustive and comprehensive repair assistance. Tech Services Bulletins – see official announcements issued by vehicle manufacturers regarding common problems including vehicle modules, DTCs, repair methods, program updates, and recall strategies. DTC Analysis – contain repair assistance and information related to the fault codes, including the fault description, condition, fault influence, possible cause, and possible solution. The repair assistance information varies vehicle. Repair Assistant – display a list of recommended tests, the completion status, and priority for the undertaking. The higher the priority, the earlier the components should be tested. There are a location diagram and wiring diagram to help you to locate the components, connectors, wiring, and ground electrodes. Repair Tips – display a range of diagnostic and repair steps, including the information needed in order to clear the faults. The repair steps are provided in text and video. This section may include relevant waveforms and waveform analysis to aid the technician in diagnostics and repairs. Relevant Cases – recommend repair processes that may be relevant to the vehicle and fault. These repair cases/suggestions provide the technician with great insight when diagnosing and repairing vehicle faults. Advanced ECU Programming & Coding for Better Vehicles Performance. The coding and programming function of the scanner MS909 is used to code adaptive data of certain components after making repairs or replacements as well as update the computer software of the vehicle to the latest version. Available programming or coding operations vary by test vehicle. Coding: also known as Teach-in Program, or Component Adaptation, is used to code adaptive data for vehicle control modules or change parameters after repairs, replacements, or retrofitting of vehicle parts such as injectors, radios and or even starters, etc. It can also be used to flash hidden functions to make vehicles achieve higher performance. Reprogramming: download the latest version of the software from the online server database through Internet access to update ECUs, and reprograms the newest version into the vehicle’s ECU. A series of on-screen operational instructions will display to guide you through the programming procedure. Autel provides its own server for BMW & BENZ software. This scan tool features various special functions to perform various component adaptations, including the recalibration or configuration of certain components after repairs or replacements have been completed. The service functions that can be performed by the scanner include but are not limited to oil reset, EPB, TPMS, BMS, Brake Bleed, IMMO Keys, Injector, SAS, Suspension, Throttle, WIN DR ROOF, etc. This bi-directional control function makes the scanner can not only diagnose issues exist in ECUs but also send commands to the vehicles to test actuators’ functionalities such as tests may include switching a solenoid, relay, or switch, between two operating states. For a more comprehensive diagnosis result. Available tests vary by vehicle. This device is featured by Autel scanner MS909 a combination VCI and vehicle communication tool providing faster dual Wi-Fi vehicle and network communications. It is a D-PDU, SAE J2534 & RP1210 compliant PassThru programming interface device. It supports BT, WIFI and USB communication. The data can be transmitted both with or without a cable connection. Autel scanner MaxiSys MS909 features a 10-inch touchscreen tablet with Android 7.0 OS powered by an Octa-core processor (2.3GHz Quad + 1.7GHz Quad), substantial 128GB built-in memory to provide diagnostic guidance and test components to confirm repairs. Rechargeable Lithium battery providing 8 hours of continuous use to ensure you always have the power to scan. The automatic scan tool MS909 comes with 1-year software updates without charge to enjoy quick and effortless software update procedures for new upcoming features, and car models coverage within its fold. A notification message displays if an update is available when the Notifications function is enabled in the Settings application. 1x MS909 Main Unit- 1x MaxiFlash VCI- 1x Main Cable V2.0- 1x USB 2.0 Cable V2- 1x AC/DC Adapter(12V)- 1x Cigarette Lighter- 2x Light Fuse 6x30mm- 1x Clipper Cable- 1x Quick Reference Guide- 1x Packing List- 1x Soft Cloth- 1x Carrying Case 504 x 133 x 360 mm. This item is in the category “eBay Motors\Automotive Tools & Supplies\Diagnostic Service Tools\Code Readers & Scanners”. The seller is “autel-all” and is located in this country: US. This item can be shipped to United States, Canada, Mexico.
  • Supported System: ABS, DPF, EPB, SAS, SRS, TPMS, Engine, Transmission, Oil Reset, BMS, Seats, Injector, Suspension, Throttle
  • OBD Interface: OBDII, EOBD, OBD
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: China
  • Applicable Regions: US
  • Connectivity: WiFi
  • Type: Auto Diagnostic Tool Professional Scanner
  • Features: Backlit Display, Built-In Battery, Check Engine Light Shut Off, Color Display, Erases Codes, Freeze Frame Displays, Internet Updateable, LCD Display, User Friendly
  • Display ( 显示 ): 9.7-inch TFT-LCD with 1536 x 2048 resolution & ca
  • Operating System ( 操作系统 ): Android 7.0
  • Vehicle Type: Passenger Vehicle
  • Accessories: Adapter Cable, Carrying Case, USB Cable, User Guide
  • Input Voltage: 12V/1.3A Adapter
  • Memory: 4GB RAM & 128GB On-board Memory
  • Camera(rear): Front: 5.0 Megapixel
  • Sensor: Gravity Accelerometer, Ambient Light Sensor (ALS)
  • Software Update: 1 Years Free Update
  • Similar Item: Autel MS919, Ultra
  • Similar Item1: MaxiCOM MK908P,MK908,Maxisys Elite MS906TS,MS906BT, MK906BT
  • Brand: Autel
  • Non-Domestic Product: Yes
  • Warranty: 3 Year
  • Functions 1: Improve Shop Repair Efficiency by 70%+
  • Functions 2: Top Advanced Hardware
  • Functions 3: 2022 New Release, Newer Vehicle Coverage
  • Functions 4: US MARKET ONLY
  • Functions 5: Best Partner for Technicians
  • Operating System: Android 10.0
  • Processor: Qualcomm 660 Octa-core Processor
  • Display: 9.7-inch TFT-LCD with 1536 x 2048 resolution
  • Camera: Rear: 16 Megapixel, Autofocus with Flashlight
  • Camera 2: Front: 16 Megapixel
  • Sensors: Gravity Accelerometer, Ambient Light Sensor (ALS)
  • Power: Charging via 12V AC/DC power supply
  • Battery: 15000mAH 3.8V lithium-polymer battery
  • Operating Temperature: 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F)
  • Storage Temperature: -20 to 60°C (-4 to 140°F)
  • Dimensions(W x H x D): 304.4 mm (11.98\
  • Weight: 1.66kg (3.66 lb.)
  • Custom Bundle: Yes
  • Free Gift: Autel MV108
  • UPC: 632096267212

Autel MaxiSys MS909 Automotive Scan Tool, Intelligent Diagnostics Same as ultra